How IDNs Can Be Used As Representations of Societal Complexity

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Unlike traditional narratives, IDN enable an interaction between the audience and the dynamic artefact, wherein the viewer can make plans, execute them and see their consequences. This is what sets them apart from fixed narrative objects such as novels or movies. Moreover, IDNs can enable replay of events as well, allowing the audience to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamic nature of complex issues.

IDNs can be used as representations of societal complexity, and they can be designed in a wide range of genres. For example, the Somali piracy issue is explored in The Last Hijack Interactive (Duijn et al., 2014), where the interactor can explore different perspectives surrounding a hijacking incident through interviews with victims, perpetrators and their respective lawyers. Similarly, the complexity of the underworld economy in the Netherlands is explored in the interactive documentary The Industry (Duijn, Interacting Director, 2018), where the interactor can follow audio interviews with key figures in the drug trade.

As such, the potential for IDNs as representations of societal complexity is vast, and they should be considered alongside other forms of media such as films, television shows and journalistic articles.

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